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Niolet's Fiction Writing Meths by dniolet Niolet's Fiction Writing Meths by dniolet

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This is the graphical version of my fiction writing methodology. It is the watered down version of Niolet's Elements of Fiction & Fiction Writing Methodology. [link] Look there for a complete description of exactly what is entailed by this methodology as depicted in this graphic.

The graphic does not incorporate my theories on Degrees of Scale. If the Degrees of Scale theory doesn't catch on, then I at least want to separate these methodological theories out and try to get them to gain favor and prominence. I truly believe our fiction writing would be better if we more purposefully made the distinction between Story Crafting and Storytelling. Again, if you have any comments or questions, I'd love to hear from you.

A few clarifications of parts of the graphic are in order. First, our use and understand of certain terms would have to be adjusted using this methodology. "Scenes" no longer make up "Acts." "Scenes" in this methodology are purely static moments in the story, a chance for the writer to play chemist and play around with the "Dynamics." Under the "Dynamics," "Subjects" replaces the word "Characters." "Subjects" can be broken down depending on which Degree of Scale is chosen for the story, but like I said, theories on the Degrees of Scale have been omitted here. "Scenes" become "Scenarios" when the "Situations" are then allowed to play out via "Plot." The "Plot" weaves through all of the "Scenarios and leads the reader to the "Theme." "Segments," which are the bits of the "History" of the story the author chooses in order to tell that "History" optimally, are what make up "Acts." That's it for terminology. The second thing I should make clear is the fact that I believe there is but a single storytelling technique at an author's disposal - "Suspense." If you name any other, it probably is a child of "Suspense" - perspective, flashbacks, hidden layers of plot, etc.

Note: These theories my already be out there somewhere. There are soooo many books on "The Art of Fiction," but I as far as I've seen, these theories are new. If you know of something similar, please let me know.

Also note: This is the method I've been using to write Made in Hyper-City. That is why you've yet to see anything published. I've been crafting the story for the last nearly 14 years. But it's coming along.
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September 13, 2011
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