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Niolet's Fictional Elements and Writing Methods by dniolet Niolet's Fictional Elements and Writing Methods by dniolet
I have had these theories regarding fiction for some time now, sprawled throughout various works. I decided to finally solidify and encapsulate them. Originally, I was going to write out an informal essay, but decided that I'd rather depict the theories graphically and provide commentary of the key points. That way, I can receive some feedback from others before writing out anything of length. While I am not a professional writer as of yet, I believe that I am on to something important here. I'd like your impressions, so lay them on me. Your questions will go a long way in helping me figure out the best way to present the theories, so lay those on me too. Maybe someday I'll have enough time to expound on these theories, detail their implications, exhaustively cite examples, etc. Until then, this chart will have to do. You'll have to download it to see it properly, I'm afraid. There was a lot of info to get on there and even at Tabloid size the info is scrunched.

Note: These are the concepts that I infused into the McCloud Cheat Sheet, where McCloud's "Structure" is my "Story Crafting" and his "Craft" is my "Storytelling." Also, my "Degrees of Scale" are represented as "Scope" within McCloud's "Idiom."

Also note: These theories may already be out there somewhere. There are soooo many books on "The Art of Fiction," but I as far as I've seen, these theories are new. If you know of something similar, please let me know.

APRIL 15th UPDATE: Just made some minor revisions.
newtonthenewt Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I like this, but I can't say I like the layout. I'd prefer plain text. (Disclaimer: I may be boring.)

Also: not exactly the same idea, but related, I think, is Marshall McLuhan's "the medium is the message" -- putting structure, genre, etc. over content. [link]
dniolet Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I really appreciate the feedback! Yes, plain text will more than likely come along someday, for all those "boring" people out there. ;)

I never heard of McLuhan's "the medium is the message" before. I appreciate you letting me know. To me, he's absolutely right, the medium becomes all there is of the message, but there are so many writers out there who don't know what the original message was in the first place. It's like their playing the "telephone game" with themselves, never having heard the complete message clearly, and just write what they can.
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